Cordyceps Sinensis Extract
Product name: Cordyceps Extract
Latin name: Cordyceps sinensis
Product Specification:10-40%Polysaccharides, 1%Cordycepin
Plant Part Use: Mushroom
Test Mothed: UV
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction 
Size: 100% pass 80 mesh
Total Benzo(a)pyrenes: NMT 50ppb
Benzo(a)pyren: NMT 10ppb

>Product Benefits

Product Benefits

1. Enhancing the immunity 

2. Restraining the tumor 

3. Improving athletic performance by increasing energy

4. Protecting heart from anoxic diseases and arrhythmia

5. Being used to cure the chronic respiratory diseases and relieves asthma

6.Being used to cure the chronic disease of kidney

7.Strengthening marrow's ability of forming the blood platelet, erythrocytes and white cell

8. Boosting libido and sexual function

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